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When Finnish artist Vesa Kivinen captures your “portrait,” he doesn’t just hint at the contents of your soul—your deepest fears, desires, triumphs, and avenues of personal expression. Vesa brings them all to the surface, creating collage imagery that reveal more about his subjects than even the subjects themselves thought possible. While he is not the first to do this kind of work, he may very well be the best.
— DL Cade, Editor in Chief of 500px, February 2016


After overcoming his own childhood PTSD / alcohol addiction by 2006, Vesa got trained as a master practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), which at first became an integral part in creating his art, films and photography. Later on, around 2014, he started seeing private clients for therapeutic purposes not necessarily including creativity.

 Creating self perception change though studio photography

Creating self perception change though studio photography

The decision to do the photo session alone brought many thoughts and feelings to the surface. I felt it was a chance to grow and that the session would reveal some things about me, especially those that I try to hide from. I clearly remember thinking that I felt disconnected when Vesa took pictures and the fear of that being revealed crept in many times. I felt as if I could not just be and that was frightening. Simultaneously another voice inside of me supported me to just surrender to the process and let go in order to surpass what ever I was stuck to portray instead of my authentic self. This way I could truly become visible not only to myself but to the world. It’s been almost a year since we did this work and I recognize that I now have more strength to stand behind my words and defend myself.
— Catarina Degerman, Flow academy

Concept images for therapeutic rooms & hospitals. Each piece has a unique personal story that can assist in the solicitation process of a patient.

My arm was crushed at a car accident in 2006. By a miracle, it did not have to be amputated. In the photo session with Vesa in 2015 we went deeper than the physical level. The scars, which had brought me so much grief and angst, were transformed into experiences of wonder, inspiration and gratitude. After the process at times, the hand has brought about that memory of us working together and reminds me that there is an equal amount of good to the bad in that experience now. Through getting broken, this way I have become stronger than I was before the accident.
— Tuomas Saarela aka. DJ ILO
 "A Place of Well-being" Diasec print nr. 1 will be donated to the 2017 opening children's hospital in Helsinki / Finland.

"A Place of Well-being" Diasec print nr. 1 will be donated to the 2017 opening children's hospital in Helsinki / Finland.

Vesa Kivinen
Creative Therapist


Personal / group councelling

  • Therapeutic work though NLP / Value evaluation
  • Therapeutic methods through photography, film, music, bodypainting etc

Therapeutic visual works

  • Artistic works sold & intended to assist in the therapeutic processes in practices and hospitals

  • Virtual reality therapy


BA Film Production from Northumbria University 2000-2003 (Directing / Screenwriting)

Therapeutic licences:
NLP under Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming under founder Dr. Richard Bandler
Practitioner of NLP (Master trainer Ilkka Rajala, 2010)
Master Practitioner of NLP (
Master trainer Ilkka Rajala, 2012)
Licenced NLP Sports Performance coach (Master Trainer Anders Piper, 2016)

Art Association: 
Member of IFAB (International Fine Art Bodypainting Association)
Member of Art Society Soho

Gallery representation:

His most visible collaborator thus far in 2013 was the Bollywood actress Veena Malik, whose life direction was re-orientated during the artistic process, which was ultimately witnessed by around 300 million people world wide. The project was credited by journalist's to have 'changed a whole cultural paradigm'.

Veena's career, faith and family life was in a deep crisis in 2012 when they started working together. The art created helped to form the life which in which she is now happily married to her husband, has two healthy children and made peace with her faith.

Vesa managed to perfectly capture my life story and the essence of what I have been through while simultaneously bringing it to a much larger context.
— Veena Malik, Bollywood Actress, representative at the World Health Organization
Your works have the sensitivity of Leonardo’s drawings and the dreamscape of Chagall.
— Antti Heikkilä, Doctor of Traumatology / Author
Beautiful and haunting.
— Dr. Gabor Maté, Author and columnist for Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, 2012
It was evident from the moment I met Vesa that he didn’t operate on the frequency most people live their lives in. His attitude towards his art was passionate and driven in a manner that was beyond and bigger than him, or me. However, the project felt personal and became a free space for me to interpret my life experiences. It wasn’t only a way for him to express himself or to produce something, I wasn’t used for something I didn’t understand but rather I was invited to explore something through means I had not used earlier. Artevo changed my life completely by reminding me I could be the woman I wanted to be, and that message I can carry to all aspects of my life. I believe the more you have battle scars and muted screaming in your being, the more you will benefit from experiencing something as meaningful and shattering as this. Artevo is true art not only as the final piece, but as a process.
— Lotta Vainio, Fitness Athlete
Vesa is without a doubt one of the most passionate artists I have ever worked with. As a full time traveling model and actress I work with different people almost everyday. And few of them care as much about their process as Vesa. Artevo was as much about my emotional and spiritual evolution during the sessions as the final product itself. Vesa took time to get to know me and what makes me tick, what inspires me to create, and what holds me back. I will definitely say that Artevo is not for the faint of heart. It is about letting go of what binds you in life and become part of something brilliant. Which was great lesson for me that I can carry with me every place I go.
— Zoe West, Model / actress
Vesa must have an extraordinary gift of seeing. He observes things in an environment where the rest of us are accustomed to walking with blinders on. When we were making this piece in 2011 I did not yet know it but my life was at a crossroads. The result of us working together is perfect to describe it. Vesa pre-saw what was about to happen. He is one of those old and wise men in the shape of a young man. He told me then that a process has begun and I will understand it much better as time passes. He was completely right. The art piece has become more and more real for me along the years. Even the colors are my favorite. If I could tell in one image, what has been one of the most significant experiences of this soul journey, it would be ’Territory’. Thank you Vesa for seeing all this. You shared with me of the most important processes of my life, if not the most significant. The journey continues.
— Hanna Fernelius. Chief of communications, Sept. 2015.
The participation in these images was a part of my transformations process, which I can strongly find in our completed works. At the beginning I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but now I know just how many experiences richer I am due to it. Vesa was easy to work with and I really felt I was not only a collaborator with my body but we went really deep also in the thought realm, which is clearly visible in the results.
— Laura Pilvinen, M.Sc, City planner / Owner of Vertical club

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  • Share     (Oil & photography based)

  • Raw        (Process photography)

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