Vesa’s art is amongst the most integrally advanced in the history of Western abstraction – no small claim, but one backed up by the works themselves. Rather than abstraction as a fleeing from life, his works are a diving into the incarnate mystery of human being — direct celebrations of the fullness of Life.
— Michael Schwartz, Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University, March 2014
Kivinen’s work had no points of reference. Unlike most local artists, Kivinen wasn’t recycling successful foreign approaches and adapting them within a local context. He wasn’t replicating a preexisting genre or playing out well known devices. Whether for better or for worse, Kivinen is – as childish as this may sound – an original.
— Rory Winston, Cultural editor of the New York Resident August 2014
These are beautiful images and nobody would dispute it.
— Jeremy Paxman, Journalist, BBC World, 2013
I would describe Kivinen’s art as first and fore mostly a study of human experience and connection. It is a collaboration of topics; a personal process of working with the experiences of the model, and an appreciation for the raw human form. Who we are when we stand naked. On another level it is a yearning to understand our religious past and find harmony with it in our present. In sum, it searches and appreciates where we have arrived in our development both spiritually and scientifically.
— Alicia Jensen in Helsinki Times, December 2014

In 2008 Vesa innovated a mixed media process unlike anything that has existed prior to it - It is branded as Artevo (Art Evolving) which involves body-painting, traditional painting, photography and image manipulation. He now lives in West London.

Vesa's 2013 collaboration with the Bollywood actress Veena Malik, got cross cultural attention including The Independent, BBC World, Times of India, Pakistan Tribune, Helsingin Sanomat etc. According to estimates by journalists it reached hundreds of millions of people. 

Vesa (born 1978) started his internationall career as a filmmaker and a photographer in 1999. He got educated as a director in the UK and has been working with both disciplines non-stop since through his own company. 

Artevo works follow an innovative limited edition pricing system (click)
Current Artevo prices vary from 3000-14.000 UKP
'Share' and 'Raw' prices start from 1000 UKP

Works printed through Art Proof and shipped internationally via TNT.

Works printed through Art Proof and shipped internationally via TNT.

From collaborating superstars such as Veena Malik or composer legend Leif Segerstam Vesa keeps exploring  various forms of expression. His most recent holistic video production LUX: Culture of Radiance can be seen from the link above.

How the pricing system for the Artevo Edition prints work.